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Twitchy little Tidge
06 December 2007 @ 02:38 pm
Ah well. Been awhile since I posted in this thing. Nothing really special going on, in my life. Apparently my last update was 3 months ago, to the day. Interesting.

Nothing much has changed. Got my apartment still, the one without a roommate. It's still pretty nice. I can walk naked to the bathroom and not have to worry about visually imparing the poor soul unlucky enough to see me do it.

Back's been sore lately. Not sure why, though it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have been tensing my shoulders at all times, unless I concentrate on it.

Have lost a few friends lately, it seems. My fault, I suppose, though. Ah well. Nothing else really going on. The only thing I used to use this journal for was angsty wah wah, and quizzes... and now that I've mostly cut down on the angsty wah wah's, and I don't really do quizzes... maybe it's time to delete? Who knows.

Oh, though I did get to see my brother, at last. He came home for 18 days of leave from Baghdad. He went back just after Thanksgiving. It was nice. I miss him already, though, and look forward to when he comes home for good in early May.

Well, I guess that's about it on my front. Hope ya'll are well. Pared down my flist a little more, so if you're no longer on it but by some chance still want to be, let me know and I will re-add you. And if you want to be taken off... well, just unfriend me and I'll do the same. =)

guess that's all for now. See you in three months... =P
Twitchy little Tidge

This... was too effing cool.